My Friend Peppa Pig is rated higher than Far Cry 6, Battlefield 2042 and the GTA trilogy combined

Users on Metacritic who have already tried the title give it, whether it’s real or annoying, almost perfect ratings.

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like The entertainment option focuses on younger playersAnd My friend Peppa Pig It was launched a little over a month ago on several platforms. Since that day, users in the review portal Metacritic They gave the title more than excellent marks. It was so high that their grades exceeded what they had reached together Far Cry 6And Battlefield 2042 And Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Ultimate Edition.

My Friend Peppa Pig has a score of 9.2 on MetacriticPeppa Pig’s highest rating was 9.2 In its version of Stadia. It should be noted that this score is set by users It is not through the media that reviewed the video game. However, the inconsistency with the above AAA titles is not something that can be easily ignored, as we can see complaints and more from players.

We reached the total 8,6 A rating that combines the highest scores of Far Cry 6, from 4.7; Battlefield 2042 from 3.0; and the redesigned GTA trilogy, from 0.9. This number falls almost a full point short, when compared to My Friend Peppa Pig’s highest score.

Does this mean that My Friend Peppa Pig is the best game of the year? of course not. Although these user reviews may be objective, there is never a shortage of people leaving files the irony Inside the hidden video game review, and while we can’t verify for sure who’s telling the truth and who’s lying, it’s possible that we’re dealing with one of these cases.

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Meanwhile, the other three titles got such low scores because of complaints that came after their playgrounds. In the case of Battlefield 2042, we have Slowdowns and issues with personal score boxesAnd in the GTA trilogy, society suffers from Errors in graphics and animation.

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