My father saw “Encanto” and was taken to Colombia

And then of course there was a scene by the river. Disgusted, Mirabel runs away and leaves the mountains behind, enters the forest, and stops by a mighty river. Alma finds her there, in a place she has never been able to return: this is where her husband was murdered many years ago, when his new family was forced to flee their home.

Since then, Alma has clung to the remaining family members, desperately trying to protect them. But now, sitting by the river with Mirabel, she realizes she has brought the family so close that they are beginning to fall apart. As a cloud of yellow butterflies covered Gabriel García Márquez’s granddaughter and grandmother, my father and I cried together.

I never knew my grandmother well, but I knew she could be extraordinarily cruel to my father, her youngest son. She hoped he would now see that perhaps, perhaps, this pressure is coming from a place of love and protection, albeit wrong.

Later, when I asked him what he was familiar with from the movie, he said that the family is dynamic; Vallenato, salsa, marimba, espadrilles, and tejo, a local sport of Colombia. He enjoyed plants, animals, food, and the smallest and most intricate detail. He said: “Whoever did this, you have done well.” They did justice to the country, its people, its culture and its customs.

The soundtrack fascinated him. “Colombia, my charm“, a “A Love Letter“To the country performed by Colombian singer Carlos Vives, he plays during performances on a steamer of sancocho, the soup my family welcomed into the house. Colombia, I love you so much,” says the chorus. “Your charm always makes me fall in love.”

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Charm He did more than serve my father for a piece of his homeland: he brought him home.

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