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Next April 30 there will be an event for boys and girls in CuernavacaAnd Consist of activities to encourage creativity, physical stimulationAnd Interest in reading and scienceAnd It’s all for freeas reported by My City actress Meggie Salgado.

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It is important to understand that children are only focusing on technology lately and do not know how many doors science opens for them“.

According to Salgado It is essential for children to stay close to scienceSo when choosing a professional career, they don’t feel that science is foreign to their daily lives.

Children’s Day is celebrated on April 30th and most institutions and authorities award games or organize events; However, Mi Ciudad wants children to be able to create their own fun spaces for this occasion.

The invitation also extends to parentsAnd So that they support this issue and spread new habits in their homes in their children.

Let me tell parents that there is a knowledge economy and children should be encouraged to learn thingsMeggie added.

Private schools have joined this initiativeAnd toy brandAnd Mexican Red CrossAnd Las plazas shopping center and psychologistsfrom During the event they will give presentations and workshops on hazards and accidents at homeAnd bullying They will instruct them to perform more than five experiments in their day.

My City, with the help of the sponsors, will be responsible for providing minors with a kit containing all the materials needed to do science.

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The appointment is at Las PlazasAnd From 4:30 p.mAnd It is recommended to register and call: 12 68 777268.

from that date, Every Saturday through his Facebook pageAnd My City will be conducting a live broadcast to present science and storytelling workshops.

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