Multitasking: Is it really a virtue?

be able to multitasking It is an extraordinary ability Increase productivity and efficiency Not only at work, but also in studies or day in day out. When you’re able to handle multiple responsibilities at once, or quickly switch from one to the other, you become an expert multitasker: you can answer emails while on the phone, cook dinner while helping with homework, or even… Exercising while on the phone. audiobook.

In today’s world, where everything is going so fast and there is no time to lose, multitasking has become a thing joint training. However, it is not a skill that everyone possesses, but for those who possess this talent, it is an incredible advantage that can open doors and lead to great success, as it requires great focus, mental speed, and excellent time management.

Although multitasking is so widespread, its ramifications are often debated. Advantages and disadvantages: Is it better to focus on one task and do it well, or can you handle several activities at the same time without making mistakes? Macarena del Cujoa public health psychologist Claritas Psychological Instituteto shed light on multitasking in Vidae.

Mental effort for various tasks

The expert explained that people who have a hand to multitask are those who are “able to do it.” Perform two or more tasks simultaneously’, although it is a ‘skill’ typical of operating systems in which many tasks are executed at the same time in a very efficient way. This means that “tasks are performed automatically or when the two tasks have different brain processes such as, for example, talking on the phone and writing at the same time.

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Knowing many tasks at the same time, it is natural to think that, in a way, Loss of focus and attention. In fact, as the psychologist points out, science has confirmed this: “Many neurological studies confirm that our brain It does not handle well with these multitasking situationsBecause when two or more tasks need attention, effectiveness suffers, so performance can be hindered.”

This lack of focus is completely normal. When someone is performing several tasks at the same time, their attention is divided between them, so if they don’t manage them well, their attention can slip. Make mistakes and reduce your performance. Thus, in general, the reasoning is that the focus is ‘on one’ One task helps us keep all the attention on it Thus, the risk of making mistakes is reduced.

But you don’t have to be rude either. The problem with multitasking only comes when a person cannot overcome the division of attention in the tasks that are assigned to him and he loses productivity: “People who do not have much ease and who try to multitask Yes, they can suffer from blockages and loss of productivity“.

Despite the fact that it can be counterproductive if not managed properly, in business “A The profile is highly valued When selecting a candidate for a position ”, where the company, in principle, guarantees a worker who“ can take on various jobs and responsibilities ”, which will save time and be more productive.

I’m not good at it, what should I do?

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Multitasking can be a useful tool, but it also has its drawbacks. Be aware of the potential risks associated with multitasking and strive to do so Finding balance Between performing several tasks simultaneously and working on only one task.

In this sense, people can also develop strategies such as prioritization, time management, and delegation to manage multitasking effectively and not have to risk multitasking the wrong way.

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