MSD Pharmaceutical Company, Merck North America, acquisition for US$11,000 million

MSD Pharmaceutical Company, Merck North America, acquisition for US$11,000 million

The US company will pay $200 per share to acquire Prometheus Biosciences and thus advance the field of precision medicine in inflammation and immunology.

American Pharmaceuticals Merck Sharp and Domknown as MSD for your business outside the United Statesstated through a statement that Buy 100% off Prometheus Biosciencesa startup that will allow it to continue advancing the field of precision medicine in the field of inflammation and immunology.

Specifically, the company agreed to pay $200 per share in cash, which translates to Capital expenditure of about 10.8 billion US dollars.

MSD has agreed to buy the startup for $11 billion.

“At Merck, we are committed to achieving our goal of saving and improving lives and continuing to identify and secure opportunities where engaging science and value creation align.”commented Robert DavisPresident and CEO, MSD Corporation.

“The agreement with Prometheus will accelerate our growing presence in immunology, where there remains a significant unmet need for patients. This transaction adds diversification to our overall portfolio and is an important component as we foster the drive for sustainable innovation that will support our growth over the next decade.”he added.

The main product of Prometheus is PRA023a humanized monoclonal antibody (mAb) targeting tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-like ligand 1A (TL1A), Target associated with both enteritis and fibrosis.

Prometheus Precision Medicine focuses on inflammation and immunology.

“Prometheus was created to revolutionize the treatment of immune-mediated diseases by applying a powerful precision medicine approach”pass Mark McKennaPrometheus Director.

“This agreement with MSD, a leading biopharmaceutical research and development company, allows Prometheus to maximize the potential of PRA023, while continuing to apply our technology and expertise to drive new discoveries that address the needs of patients with immune disorders.”added.

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