Movie heist: They took over $2,500 million from a jewelry store

The plot in many action films revolves around a group of people who decide to carry out a robbery of a millionaire. Although it is common in theaters for criminals to get away with it, there are few success stories in real life.

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However, this week’s case was known that filled web portals around the world. This is the case of three themes Within seconds, they were responsible for stealing more than $2,500 million in jewelry.

According to US media reports, three thieves looted over $500,000 in high-end items from a luxury Manhattan jewelry store over the weekend, according to police.

The theft of the film was caught on videotape. Around 3:30 a.m. last Saturdayat Cellini Jewelers, located at 460 Park Avenue, the three people arrive with masks and armed with a hammer.

In the recording, it is seen how they managed with enough force to enter the security door ahead. Once they entered the jewelry store, it was easy for them to break the windows and get the fancy pistons out.

Within moments the robbers fled on foot and were picked up by a gray car. In the robbery of the millionaire there were no injuries.

TheNew York authorities are offering a reward of $3,500 To obtain information leading to the arrest of those responsible for the theft.

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