Motor coordination can be affected in patients with multiple sclerosis

In an interview with the Journal of Medicine and Public Health, Neurologist Dr. José Avila explains the relationship of multiple sclerosis to cognitive impairment and its implications for motor coordination, including walking and speaking in these patients.

Cognitive impairment is a common symptom among those afflicted with it Multiple sclerosis. This disease destroys myelin, which is the substance that covers most nerve fibers and speeds up the transmission of nerve impulses.

Some of the symptoms that may occur are: optic neuritis, double or blurred vision. You may also feel pain in eye movement. In other cases, a person may develop facial paralysis.

He stressed that specific symptoms may appear, depending on the area affected by the disease. For example, if it affects the cerebellum area, patients may lose coordination when speaking and walking.

Other symptoms that accompany it are fatigue, urinary incontinence, and even memory problems.

To be considered a clinical event for Multiple sclerosisThe doctor stressed that the symptoms should last more than 24 hours

The importance of early detection

To accurately discover the affected areas Multiple sclerosisThe doctor emphasized that thanks to magnetic resonance studies, brain lesions that can affect cognitive impairment were detected with greater accuracy and with greater time of accuracy.

It is now possible to identify cortical lesions related to cognitive damage, as well as measure brain atrophy and mass loss. He stressed the importance of early detection of this disease, as loss of gray and white matter can occur early.

In general, all people lose 1.1 brain mass per year and the patient loses Multiple sclerosis He explained that once he struggled, he had already lost an additional 0.4.

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Nutrition and exercise

Finally, he argued that the patient’s neurological reserve of Multiple sclerosis You can save, form, or create bonds if you maintain the treatment indicated by your specialist, practice proper nutrition, do physical exercises, and have not introduced other medical comorbidities.

“Studies have been conducted with vitamins, technologies, or ingredients to help maintain brain mass or integrity, but nothing has been identified. The World Health Organization has recommended a Mediterranean diet and has shown greater benefit in addition to exercise. We cannot create neurons. New connections, but we can create new connections in both the brain and spinal cord, which is a way to prevent this condition. “

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