Mother 3 producer explains why the long-awaited RPG hasn’t arrived in the West

The cult game Game Boy Advance never left Japan and has become one of the most requested games by fans.

It is clear that Nintendo has lost the number of times that They called mommy 3 from the West. Even famous personalities like the actor Terry Crews asked Kyoto to locate the game. However, this is a question that Nintendo has dodged for years, but this time around, its producer has provided some answers.

Kamioka Shinichi He was talking about the trilogy with Kit and Krysta, two former Nintendo Treehouse employees in his podcast, which was echoed life nintendoand also why we didn’t get to translate Mother 3. “Personally, I think Mother 3’s biggest drawing is Shigesatao Itoi’s unique writing styleKamioka pointed out.

Translate all the charms and nuances of your writing into other languages It’s a big challengeand perhaps that’s why it took so long to consider an international release for Mother 3,” the producer explained GameBoy in advance at 2006With 2016 re-release of the Wii U virtual consolebut, again, EXCLUSIVELY FOR JAPAN.

Kameoka recently spoke about Mother 3 .’s post Would you like to see a global version from the game at some point and praised the work of Shigesato Itoi and The atmosphere that he managed to create with his texts. Meanwhile, the latest Nintendo Direct left us with an arrival surprise Earthbound and Earthbound Beginnings in the Nintendo Switch Online Catalog. If you want to know more about the Earthbound saga, we tell you at 3DJuegos Why do we need Mommy 3 after more than 15 years.

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