Most Watched: Santiago Martin, Gay Singers, Canada “I Woke Up”, Eucharist Greelac, Pro-Life Mayor

As it has been happening in recent years, the current analyzes of the father Santiago Martin, the head of the Franciscan Mary, has occupied the first places among Most viewed videos of the year In religion in freedom. He has gold and silver medals, and many of his comments appear in the top 10 and top 20 of the most clicked comments on the carousel that heads our portal.

The church is at an amazing crossroads

The video that got the most views on ReL in 2021 was the video titled Tough with some, negative with some. It was released the day after the motu proprio de Francisco keepers of tradition, which cancels From the sovereign inks From Benedict XVI And limits the priests and the faithful from the traditional liturgy.

All this, in the course of the year has been marked by German Synodal Path, where there were events that the Franciscans considered very dangerous and did not receive a response from the church hierarchy, unless they supported it. That’s why Father Martin wondered in May, in the second most-watched video of the year, Will no one prevent this terrible desecration? He was referring to an ecumenical act in a church in Frankfurt where the Protestant communion was to take place (and took place), encouraged by the President of the German Episcopal Conference, George Batzing.

And this desecration or other similar perversions of some Catholic groups, for what? besides insulting God which the religious denounced, and its translation in quantitative terms is that The church is collapsing to the extremes it has never seen before. The New Church has failed., we named another of Santiago Martin’s most watched videos, in which he commented on the fact that only 12% of Germans consider religion to be something beneficial to humanity.

Bronze Medal

And this year’s Bronze Medal was won by song: Gays: “We Transform Your Children”. A story that has its core. The San Francisco Gay Choir released a video on July 1 with a “Message from the Gay Community,” written in the lyrics: “We’ll Transform Your Kids.” It was intended to ridicule anxious parents because of the ubiquitous homosexual propaganda (the diversion referred to in the title is “tolerance”, identified by the LGTBIQ+ lobby as presenting its ideas and goals), but the references used are very similar to reality, what What was meant to be a parody was a lot like self-deprecation, so the choir itself withdrew after a few days.

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The lead translator introduced “You are afraid because you think we will spoil your children if we impose our schedule. The funny thing is that, for the first time, you are right.” Meanwhile, the catchy words proclaimed: “We’ll transform your kids little by little, silently and subtly, and you won’t even know“Despite the sarcastic tone, it was clear that Inculcation of the doctrine of minors practiced by adults who are not their parents. A quite frank invasion of the family environment: “You will be filled with anxiety that their group of friends will change, you will not agree with where they go at night, and it will bother you that they find things Online whom you wish to turn away from (for information) … We will turn your children, and someone will teach them not to hate, and we go for them, we go for your children.”

Canada and the “abolition” of the truth

A specific issue such as Canada’s anti-Catholic campaign through the education of Aboriginal children in the 19th century crept into the top ten most watched spots. The scourge of ideology get up The culture of cancellation knows no borders and there are no longer local issues. in the video Canada: The Truth About Aboriginal SchoolsAnd Pablo Muñoz Iturreta, Doctor of Political and Legal Philosophy from Carleton University / Dominican University in Ottawa (Canada), tells the truth about these schools and the tombs in which he was found, pretext for the campaign. necessary to avoid being manipulated into something that will continue to be present today in the coming months.

Rapper before the Eucharist

On July 5, the rapper Grillex He said a few words before revealing the Eucharist on the occasion of the dedication of the Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) to Sacred Heart of Jesus. A wonderful testimony, full of anointing and passion, to encourage conversion and drive towards a life of love for Jesus Christ. This is how readers understood it by placing it among the most viewed of the year.

San Fernando is a decisive king

On the Occasion of the 350th Anniversary of Canonization in 1671 AH Saint Ferdinand III, King of Castile and Leon, HM TV showed a dramatic documentary about his life and rule in Spain that was struggling to restore the lost unity of the Visigothic kingdom, broken by Muslim conquest. her title Fernando III St. Covenant in defense of Christianity. The trailer was very successful, as well as the movie, which has been offered free for a while and can now be offered for rent. click here.

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Peace be upon you, Mary, for a member of the council

One of the viral videos of the year is the protagonist Paula Badanelli, municipal spokesperson for Vox in Cordoba City Council. After a strong defense of the right to pray before abortion (which was done by the communist socialist government Pedro Sanchez He wants to be punished even with prison sentences, considering that it is harassment of mothers who have abortions), He concluded his speech with a prayer of peace upon you, O MaryWhich the municipality listened to in silence. Immediately, images of the gesture began spreading to networks, as an expression of Political commitment lives without respect for human beings.

Masons clergy

Over the course of the year, we’ve added to our video circle an entire series on Building, “grain” from a very few minutes in which the Italian historian Angela Pellichiari (author The truth about LutherAnd Unique storyAnd Church historyExplains its history, ideas and goals. There were twenty-five births, all with great acceptance, but in it stood out the “pill” intended for the two thousand priests and Freemasons who passed through the lodges, despite strict ecclesiastical bans and the doctrinal incompatibility between Freemasonry and Freemasons. a church.

Isn’t encouraging abortion a sin?

¿Can the catholic municipality that, when promoted to public office, he uses the full weight of that power to promote abortion, to appoint abortion specialists to all principal positions relating to the matter, to ensure this against presumptive judicial constraints, to impose it in countries where it does not exist or to extend it where it is limited, and to prefer abortion with public money, And all this at any time during pregnancy, even a minute before giving birth and without having to invoke any reason? This is the state of the current occupant of the White House, Joe BidenBut the American bishops decided not to interfere and to leave the question unanswered, at least en masse.

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William CuscoThe pastor of the Church of San Enrique in Buckeye (Arizona) answered them in a sermon where he also reminded them of the mission they preferred not to exercise.

Alleluia for life

Of all the many tracks that we usually include in our video circle to show off the power of Christian music, oddly enough, the most listened to this year was a non-religious song in the strict sense (despite being a reference), but we’re including it as a celebration song Beautiful in life: the hallelujah From Leonard Cohen sing by Carolina Protsenko, a 13-year-old girl from a family of Ukrainian musicians, with her mother before the arrival of her little sister.

From anger to hugs

On April 29, a scene in Warsaw that started badly and ended with hope was experienced, and readers understood it, by placing the situation among the most viewed of the year on ReL. A group of Catholics gathered in front of a court of Pray for the Divine Mercy Prayer in support of Radio Maria, whose representatives testified before the judge because they were harassed before Lobby LGBTI polaco.

little girl wrapped in rainbow flag He started teasing them with music on his cell phone and chanting slogans. Unexpectedly, an old lady approached her and kissed her feet. They began a dialogue in which the crying woman expressed to the girl her discomfort with the future of her country: “I am 83 years old and I love you. I have fought all my life for Poland. Soon I will leave this world with a divided Poland. I’m so sorry and so excited. And these boys, our poor guys, who were brought up by Poles…! In their last moments, the two shared a shocking moment.

How was Jesus Christ buried?

We close this selection with an excellent infographic Carlos Llorente’s photo, author The first Easter in historyProvides a detailed explanation of what was done to the body Christ From going down to closing the grave. This was the stellar Easter video.

This was the peak of the 2021 harvest season. Happy New Year. And if you want to access all the videos we take in ReL, Click its section.

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