Most of the medical profession at UACMI is female

Dean of the Catholic University in Errands (Yukami)And the Anna Maria VothShe said that in the jobs that the university provides, there are more female students enrolled, especially in the field of medicine.

Foth has been working on the university project since its inception 20 years ago. In the early years she was in the position of Vice President of the University and 4 years ago she held the position of President of the University.

Regarding the process that led UCAMI to becoming a prestigious university, he said so “It is an arduous, long process, and it is being undertaken with great responsibility.”.

Additionally, he commented on that This is the seventh year of operation of the Catholic University, Which belongs to the Jorge Kremer Foundation and Diocese of Parish Posadas.

“An isolated university cannot function if it does not have contact with public and private media.” The university president stated.

UCAMI Academic Presentations

UCAMI has 3 faculties: The College of Human Sciences, which includes 3 professions, BA in Philosophy, BA in Education Sciences, and University Technology in Translation and Interpretation of the English Language. In addition to the College of Health Sciences, which offers positions in medicine, a bachelor’s in obstetrics, and a bachelor’s in physical activities and sports.

Finally, the Bachelor of Psychology dictation is combined with another institution.

Regarding the medical profession, he said the last topic is Alternate training, Which consists of students who practice a 52-hour training week in hospitals and sanatoriums, accompanied by a doctor appointed by the university.

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In this sense, he said that last year due to the pandemic, students were able to implement these practices in December and are currently still implementing the mandatory practices.

Plus, expect it Starting March 22nd, medical students will be able to do their internship at Madariaga Hospital.

“The possibility of the Ministry of Health and the Health Park giving us students to do internal training, allows the graduates to know the reality of the province, and thus in many cases students join the cooperative work.” Foth explained.

On the other hand, he stressed that College of Physicians She confirmed that more women are studying medicine today, and for UCAMI, she said that in all professions there are more female students.

Finally, I wish you prof “Happy day to all women. I ask you not to lower your arms and support everyone in every activity that they do. Have a nice day and keep working with the efforts I have made so far.”.


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