More than 70,000 British university teachers have announced a three-day strike

More than 70,000 teachers from 150 British universities will strike for three days at the end of this month to demand better pay and work, as well as higher pensions, the Union of Universities and Colleges (UCA) announced.a union organization created in 2006 from the merger of the Association of University Professors and the National Association of Continuing and Higher Education Teachers.

The measure of strength, which will be the largest in the history of UK higher education institutions and which is estimated to affect around 2.5 million students, In the context of the work crisis facing the countryAffected by an inflationary dynamic, the highest in the past four decades, which unleashed protests and strikes in various sectors of the economy.

“UCU members don’t want to strike, but they do to save the sector and gain dignity at work. This dispute has great support from students because they know their learning conditions are our working conditions as individuals”said union general secretary Joe Grady. “If the university’s deans don’t take it seriously, our message is simple: This strike will only be the beginning,” the commander warned.

The Contractors Union said in a statement that the strike could be avoided if employers acted quickly and offered better offers. If they do not, the strike will intensify next year.” Certain. As identified, the measure of strength from November 23 will include work on regulation, refusal of professors to recover lost teaching hours and cover for absent colleagues.

The union, which decided to strike by a two-vote vote last month, is demanding a significant wage increase to deal with the cost of living crisis and temporary contracts. Employers have so far only offered a 3% wage increase this year, after more than a decade of updates without inflation.

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In September, UK inflation was 10.1% annually, compared to 9.9% in August, keeping it at a 40-year high, according to the Office for National Statistics. At the same time, workers demand better conditions, because a third of the teaching staff have some kind of temporary contract. With regard to pensions, UCU requires employers to reverse the cuts and restore benefits.

According to UCA estimates, the package of cuts made by universities earlier this year will result in an average loss of 35% of income for retired teachers, as well as for those who retire in the future; Whereas for teachers who are just starting their careers, it means losing thousands of pounds annually.

On her part, the Vice-Chancellor of Higher Education for the National Student Union (NUS), Chloe Field, announced the solidarity of students from across the UK with the force measure launched by the University of Central Asia. “Teaching conditions for staff are learning conditions for students and together we must strive for a fairer and healthier education system for all working and studying.Field said.

According to NUS, a third of students live on less than £50 a month after paying rent and utility bills, and 96% of the 3,500 surveyed by the entity have cut costs, in a context in which only 2 in 10 said they were given some form of support. of government Only 8 out of 100 believe the British executive is doing enough to support them.

Among the work data, 75% of the respondents highlighted that they could not continue to pay for course materials and that many students owed the financial system either through bank loans or their credit cards. Credit, to continue their studies.

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Universities must negotiate and take action to end these conflicts. They have a responsibility to their employees and students to end unacceptable pay disparities for employees of color, employees with disabilities and women, and to protect employee pensions so they can retire with dignity. And as future workers, the students will gain a lot if the UCSD members win this fight,” added Field.

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