More than 57,000 immigrants from northern Central America were detained at the southern border of the United States in June 2022

The vast majority are Guatemalans, followed by Hondurans and El Salvadorans.

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The agencies that comprise it border guards Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has disclosed consolidated immigration arrests through June 2022.

According to the report, only 57,683 immigrants were arrested in June, who presented themselves from the countries of northern Central America: Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

Of this total, Salvadorans number 9,094, Hondurans 23,972, and Guatemalans, the majority, 24,614.

The number, so far this year, is increasing as the months go by, on January 31 677 were arrested, in February 39434, March added 46001, in April it decreased to 43,993, but increased in May to 50112.

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Detainees are often whole families or unaccompanied adults. The report indicated that the condition of minors decreased when compared to last May.

Authorities report that from October 2021 (the beginning of the US fiscal year) to June 2022, a total of 418,196 immigrants from the Northern Triangle were arrested.

In the whole of 2021, 701,049 were retained, in 2020, due to the impact of the pandemic, the number was 106,762 and in 2019, 623,671 was reported.

I’m looking for the American dream

Central Americans continue to risk their lives and pay thousands of dollars to “wolves” in order to find the “American Dream”.

Despite the adversities, the numbers show that Central Americans continue to strive to reach the United States in order to reunite with family or friends, find work and start a new life.

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Migrants are robbed, killed, or killed for various reasons, including the desert climate or the Rio Grande.

In the latest tragedy, at least 50 migrants, including Mexicans, Guatemalans and Hondurans, were found dead in and around an abandoned truck on the side of a road in San Antonio, Texas.

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The vehicle was found on a highway near I-35, a road that crosses the United States from south to north, from the Mexican border into Canada.

Non-immigration opportunities

The region’s governments, the United States, and private companies are promoting programs to improve conditions for Central Americans, who have already stated that they are migrating due to a lack of jobs, opportunities, and crime.

US Vice President Kamala Harris announced in June 2022 that private companies will invest more than $1.9 billion in new commitments to create economic opportunity in northern Central America. The figure represents more than double the value of the initial investment by the private sector in response to its call to action the previous year.

With this new amount, the investment promises a total of $3.2 billion in private capital for the so-called Northern Triangle of Central America.

Among the companies mentioned are textile giant GAP and telecommunications giant Millicom, as well as Microsoft, Cargill, Visa, Mastercard, Google and others.

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