More than 400 companies have received the Benefit and Collective Interest (BIC), for their commitment to sustainability

During the discussion on “BIC Communities, the sustainable transformation of the business sector,” President Ivan Duque Marquez on Tuesday raised the issue of making Colombia a global benchmark for companies The collective benefit and interest (BIC), which is characterized as, in addition to generating economic value, it is also a source of social and environmental benefit.

The head of state argued that the promotion of this type of company should be the banner of all the country’s chambers of commerce and production unions, because without changing the type of society, BIC companies make enormous contributions of a social nature.

“We have to turn Colombia into a country that is a global standard for corporate benefit and collective interests and it should be our goal and I know we will get there.”The president explained.

You can do business, you can be aware of the business, but at the same time, the awareness of contributing to society.

The BIC Corporation Number was established by Act 1901 of 2018, which President Duque promoted when he was a Republican Senator. The President then decided to support this cause by regulating the law through Decree 2046 of 2019.

BIC companies are a number by which the government encourages the establishment of companies with a triple impact in the country, That is, companies that, in addition to generating economic value, also generate social and environmental value.

It has its origins in the United States, some 20 years ago, as a tool to promote corporate sustainability practices, while at the same time providing security and legal recognition for those who adopt these practices. Later, other countries like Italy and the United Kingdom welcomed them.

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Colombia was the first country in Latin America to establish this trade number. With Colombia as the benchmark, Ecuador and Peru hit the number in 2020, while Uruguay did so this year. Argentina and Chile are making progress on this issue.

Duque emphasized that even in the midst of a pandemic, The country has seen a boom in this type of company and today 421 such companies are recognized, and a target of over 600 is set by the end of this year.

“If we’re going to get to over 600 BICs by the end of the year, and I say to the (Commerce) Minister, we’re going to get to 1,000 quickly, it’s because we have to keep growing this and it should be the flag of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce. It should be a flag for all the rooms, and it should be be a science of unions, because you can be a BIC in any sector”, precise.

In the same way, express it Just as it has made an effort to promote BIC companies, its government has also provided collective benefit and concern to those most in need, while respecting BIC values, It is the empowerment of women, social policies to help the most vulnerable groups such as basic income in emergency situations, and environmental policy.

“I have put a lot of effort and commitment in my life to promote BIC companies, and I feel that we have been and want to be the BIC government. Let’s take the values ​​of the many companies represented here, as our first vice president, Launching the private system equity platform, with the goal of reducing CO2 emissions, promoting electric vehicles, promoting the Leticia Charter and the circular economy, free education in universities, and building 12,000 classrooms to standardize one day, among others,” Expression of.

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In the same way, the Head of State expressed his confidence in recognizing the significant progress made by his government in protecting the commercial fabric of the country, such as the first time in history that the government subsidized the minimum monthly wage, Protecting four million workers and guaranteeing up to 80% of corporate loans To protect the payroll, as well as return the value-added tax to two million families from the most vulnerable groups.

“Within 32 months, this government has provided economic support to the families most in need to avoid setbacks, and if we advance 25% for youth employment, we will provide this support in a sustainable way to finance social security and this is the benefit and the collective interest of the year,” pointed out.

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