“More than 300 billion dollars were stolen from us,” says Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov.

Moscow, May 2 (Sputnik). – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that Russia was robbed of more than 300 billion dollars, and that a significant part of this amount was received for oil and gas supplies.

“They stole our money (more than $300,000 million). this is easy. “A large part of this money was collected for oil and gas supplies,” he said in an interview with Italian Radio Mediaset.

“This was possible because the Russian gas company Gazprom was forced to keep the money in its accounts opened in Western banks, according to the rules,” Lavrov explained.

“They stole (the money) because they wanted to punish Russia,” the Russian foreign minister said.

Several countries condemned the military operation launched by Russia on February 24 with the aim of “disarming” and “disarming” Ukraine, and triggered several batteries of individual and sectoral sanctions seeking to inflict as much damage as possible on the Russian economy in an attempt. To put pressure on Moscow to stop hostilities.

Since the end of February, hundreds of companies have announced the decision to suspend their business in and with Russia.

For the first time, the sanctions include the partial disconnection of Russia from the SWIFT system, the freezing of the international reserves of its central bank and, in the case of countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, a ban on the import of Russian oil.

According to the Castellum.AI database, Russia is now the country most sanctioned, ahead of Iran, Syria and North Korea. Since mid-February, more than 7,100 new restrictive measures have been activated against him, in addition to more than 2,750 already in force. (Sputnik)

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