More than 3 billion emails have been leaked …

more than 3.2 billion unique pairs of email messages and passwords It was leaked on the Internet forum. Couples It allows access, in many cases, to services like Netflix or Linkedin. On these platforms, emails are saved in plain text, even though the container is encrypted and requires a password.

The current build, called “build many (security) vulnerabilities,” or COMB, is found on a popular hacker forum. This beats the previous big release leaked in 2017, which reached 1.4 billion email and password pairs.

Such an infusion, This also organizes the data in alphabetical order and shares the many scripts seen in one from 2017. After the count was made, COMB had a figure of nearly 3.27 billion pairs.

According to Cybernews, these are emails and passwords obtained from other breaches, although the databases collected in this compilation are unknown. Although many of the credentials come from past loopholes, The effect on users is unknownEspecially if they use email and passwords for various digital services. One of the main consequences can be an increase in spam or phishing emails.

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