More and more private companies in the United States are demanding the vaccine from their employees

Rather than moving forward, the United States appears to have gone back in time. The country averaged more than 100,000 infections a day, as in February, before the vaccine became available.

The Biden administration is ready to lead by example. The US military, one of the largest in the country, with 1.3 million employees, will mandate as of mid-September that all of its members have received immunity.

Variable delta causes the US to average over 100,000 positives per day

The announcement was added to the decree that government officials must provide proof of vaccination or they will have to undergo tests once or twice a week and wear a mask.

Despite these measures, the executive and other municipal or state governments are only going behind the initiative of the private sector.

More than a dozen large companies in the United States began requiring their employees to undergo serum injections. Walmart, Google, Tyson Foods, Microsoft, Facebook, Uber, Lift, Netflix or United Airlines are among the companies to report the decision, which is controversial in a country divided over vaccines. It really is: 50% have received the doses, while an estimated 90 million eligible citizens have yet to receive it.

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It is the step from recommendation to commitment. “Given the rapid increase in cases of Covid virus infections, with the risk delta variant increasing the number of critically ill patients and impacting hospital admissions among the unvaccinated population, now is the time to take the next step and ensure full vaccination,” said Dr. Claudia Coplin, Tyson Medical Officer. Food, in a statement.

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There are surprising cases. Disney parks, including Orlando, Florida, require their workers to be vaccinated. However, hospital workers in the same state of Florida do not have this obligation. Ron DeSantis, the state’s governor, is one of the main opponents of any mandate that comes from political power. Florida is one of the worst places in terms of growing cases.

The government ensures that the vaccination demand is constitutional and is supported by two out of three citizens

Big Tech has informed its employees that when they return to the office, in September or October, they will need to be vaccinated. no excuses.

The federal government has ensured that companies adopt this measure constitutionally. 64% of citizens gave the green light to request a vaccination.

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