Morant announces an investment of over €500 million from PERTE to research personalized medicine

Madrid, September 24 (Europe Press) –

The Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morante, announced the investment of more than 500 million euros, within the strategic project of the Plan of Recovery, Transformation and Resilience (PERTE), to generate cutting-edge research in the health sector, focused on the advancement of personalized and precision medicine; Research in biotechnology and digitization.

“We can’t stay alone in scientific research, we also have to produce these treatments in Spain. It is not enough for us that the science was created in Spain and ended up being patented in the United States. We want to close the health department for precision medicine and that’s what the government will do Spain as part of the recovery plan.

This Minister’s announcement coincides with the celebration, Friday, of the International Day for Research against Cancer, a disease whose research the Government will intensify thanks to the investment of this PERTE. which he defined as “a state-of-the-art health PERTE with advanced and accurate treatments”.

Among his areas of work is “the study of cancer molecules and cells in each person, and genetic analysis of their environmental conditions”, so that the patient can eventually have access to a “unique and specific treatment”, which is currently “one of the main lines in the fight against cancer”.

In the context of fighting cancer, Morant pointed to the essential role of the Spanish National Center for Cancer Research (CNIO), “as a benchmark in international matters,” he said. He noted that since 2016, more than 700 research papers have been invested with a value of 114 million euros.

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