Monuments with hidden meanings that science cannot decipher, one heralds the end of the world

Word Set up It comes from the Latin monument, which means memory, memorial erection, votive offerings. These works are of sufficient value to the human group that created them to express some historical meaning or truth. Although the term was initially applied to statues, reliefs, or tombs erected in a personal memory or a related event, its use has expanded to include any building having an “artistic, archaeological and historical” value. However, some human works are strange and irrational because it is difficult to understand the reason for their creation or their monumental meaning and value.

Among the most famous and internationally known works we can highlight Easter Island. he is Island It is located in the country of Chile in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This place has become a tourist focus since every year thousands of people go to visit the island for its great historical value. This is because a long time ago, a Easter Island It was inhabited entirely by a very mysterious civilization, Rapanui.


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