Montreal: Canada authorizes construction for the Contrecoeur container terminal

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Montreal Port Authority He highlighted the decision of the Canadian Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to approve the expansion of the port in the region Contrecoeur.

“This positive decision paves the way for the construction of a new container terminal, which is an essential public service for the development of Quebec and Canada. In this way, local companies will be able to take advantage of the infrastructure of the future with significant economic benefits, with minimal impact on the human, aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Martin Emplo, President and CEO of the Montreal Port Authority.

Located in an industrial area, the Contrecoeur Land Reserve, acquired by the Port of Montreal (APM) over 30 years ago, is planned to support the development of the logistics chain in Quebec and Eastern Canada.

Supported by Infrastructure Bank of Canada and the Government of Quebec, MPA and its private sector partners intend to develop a new state-of-the-art container terminal there, with an expected long-term processing value of € 1.15 million.

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