Monkey Island, back this year

Ron Gilbert, creator and designer of Monkey Island, announced a few days ago via his Twitter account that he was secretly working on a project two years ago, which is nothing more and nothing less than the comeback of his most popular game called ‘Return of The Monkey Island’.

Monkey Island is one of the most famous and most popular video game stories by the audienceCreated and developed by LucasArts, it launched its original version in 1990 and has five games, a version by developer TellTalle and many more versions. Disney acquired LucasArts in 2012, along with the LucasFilm franchise, and a year later, decided to close the entire video game studio by laying off 150 employees who used to work there.

In 2016, Ron Gilbert explicitly asked Disney to give him the rights to his work, which he was willing to pay for, which led to a wave of fans of the saga opening a formal petition to the giant urging it to return Gilbert’s rights so he could use them, among 15,000 signatures they were able to It collected nearly 30,000 signatures, but little is known whether this mobilization really had an effect.

Somehow, the dream came true and through the trailer, released by Devolver Digital and shared by Ron Gilbert, we see the fearsome Captain Murray again and can confirm that the launch will be during 2022, that the game will be a continuation of “Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge” and that the sound Guybrush Threepwood’s original, Dominic Armato, will be back, which may or may not confirm the return of our beloved and iconic hero.

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