Moncloa. 06/30/2022. Pedro Sanchez, Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau [Presidente/Actividad]

Moncloa, Madrid

Sanchez and Trudeau signed a joint declaration that includes their commitment to deepening bilateral relations, which are characterized by shared values ​​and strong economic ties and ties between the two countries.

In the said declaration, the two countries affirmed and condemned their commitment to NATO, multilateralism and the rules-based international order Russian aggression against Ukraine, noting that they will continue to support all who suffer its effects, especially vulnerable people suffering from an increase in food, energy and economic insecurity.

In addition, among other economic and cultural issues, they include their willingness to cooperate in order to protect nature, combat climate change and comply with the Paris Agreement. Montreal, in particular, will host the United Nations Conference on Biodiversity in December.

In his speech after the meeting, Sanchez announced that Spain and Canada “cWe share a way of being and being in the world, in open, inclusive and committed societies,” and as examples he has She highlighted the feminist nature of the foreign policy of Spain and Canada and its defense of equality between women and men.

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