Moldova, Spain and the United Kingdom will host the upcoming summits of the European Political Community

Prague, October 6, 2022 (from Europa Press Special Envoy Laura García Martínez) –

Moldova, Spain and the United Kingdom, in that order, will host the next three summits of the new European political community with which more than 40 leaders who attended the first meeting in Prague plan to meet every six months to promote peace and security on the continent and strengthen alliances on key issues such as energy.

The proposal that these three countries should follow each other at the next three meetings, on a semi-annual basis, was formally put forward by the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, at the beginning of the state dinner at Prague Castle. The summit closes on Thursday.

European sources indicated that the idea “was celebrated and welcomed in the hall,” stressing that this gesture confirms the calendar through which Europeans want to promote this new form of dialogue.

In this way, Moldova, which only a few months ago received candidate status from the European Union, will act as host when the 44 leaders meet again under this new format, which will be repeated every six months.

One of the objectives of the meeting in Prague was to strengthen the project of this new community and give it continuity with a timetable for upcoming summits that would ensure progress in the commitment to closer cooperation between Europeans.

For this reason, in addition to Moldova, the following two places have been determined, which helps to draw up a calendar for a year and a half, which will include a new summit in Spain, during the six months in which the rotating presidency of the European Union will also be assumed.

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The United Kingdom, whose new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, has been in a quandary to assert that the European political community is a project alien to the Twenty-seven and not a parallel body, which will be the headquarters that takes over after Spain.

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