Miracle in Guaviare: Babies lost in the jungle turned up alive after 40 days

President Gustavo Petro confirmed the news and published this photo. Twitter.

Children lost in the jungles of Guaviare have appeared. On June 9, the news was confirmed. Leslie MokotoiAnd Solene MokotoiAnd Tien Noriel Roanoke Mokotoi And Christine Neriman Ranok Mokotoi They are with the authorities and awaiting their removal from the area to be taken to San Jose del Guaviare.

president Gustavo Petro She confirmed the news and published the first known photo of the palace:

“A delight for the whole country! Four children who went missing 40 days ago in the Colombian jungle have turned up alive.

President Gustavo Petro published the first photo of the children. Twitter.

The president also said that children are vulnerable: “Let the doctors do their assessment and we’ll know.” Likewise, he stressed that it is “a blessing to life that our forests take care of our children”.

he defense ministerAnd Evan VelazquezHe also confirmed the news and thanked the indigenous communities in Siona And Araraquara For their support to the uniformed officers of the National Army and the Colombian Air Force, who searched the area where the plane crash covering the Araraquara-San José del Guaviare route occurred on May 1.

“To the indigenous Siona and Araraquara communities, to whom we also thank, the whole country, with our military forces. We share that joy today. The minors were found well, of course, and that means after 40 days in the jungle,” Velasquez said.

A helicopter flew over Solano (Kakita) as the children were found and their removal from the area was delayed due to weather conditions. It was also known that the search dog, Wilson, who accompanied the rescue operation, got lost in the woods and was not with the minors at the time of the rescue.

Wilson, the dog who helped save the four children in Guaviare. @julianaramirez6 / twitter

to unified command center Paramedics and other care workers arrived to assess the condition of the minors and then determine their health for later transfer to Bogota. This was confirmed by Defense Minister Ivan Velazquez The indigenous children are already at the military base in San José del Guaviare, where the settlement has already taken place.

Minister of Defense regarding the appearance of the Sons of Guaviare. Ministry of Defense.

The four children wear national army uniforms, who will hand them over to Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF) to provide them with appropriate care.

These are the first pictures of the children. Military Forces / Presidency of the Republic.

Indigenous children, who turned to their ancestral knowledge for survival, spent 40 days in the dense Amazon jungle. In this regard, the President said:

Indigenous communities searching with military forces found the children after 40 days. They were alone. They themselves achieved a model of complete survival that will remain in history. These children are today children of peace.

These are the first pictures of the children. military / presidential

Fidencio Valencia– said the grandfather of minors RTVC: “It is a joy, we were in the dark and it was dawn, I saw the light. Thanks to President Petro, who supported me, and to General Sanchez and who was in charge of the indigenous people. To the Ospina Cupitre family who prayed a lot with the different indigenous groups, who were in this search To all the soldiers who went in there, God bless you and thank you for all the effort and ability in wanting to find them.”

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Director General of Police William SalamancaHe wrote the following: “Admiration and appreciation for the military forces for their perseverance in searching for the four children in the jungles of Guaviare. They did it. Thank you, Colombian soldiers.”

Alvaro Uribe Velez He also sent a congratulatory message on finding the palace and what this news means for the current situation in the country: “The discovery of the children is a great relief for the country. And to be able to overcome the pain of solidarity that was in the hearts of all Colombian families.”

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