Ministry of Education – Government of Catamarca

Governor Raúl Jalil, together with UNCa Rector Oscar Arellano, toured the facilities of the former ISTI “Nestor Kirchner” Institute, where classes will be taught and various academic activities of the medical profession will be developed.

Lieutenant Governor Robin Dusseau also participated in the tour. Minister of Education, Andrea Centurion. Health Minister Manuela Avila; District Deputy, Claudia Palladino, and Academic Trustees of the University.

Authorities visited three classrooms where repairs were being made, specifically to the bathrooms and ceilings. In addition, work is being carried out on the electrical system and room conditioning to dictate the first cohort of the medical profession in the province.

The renovations are part of an agreement between the UNCa University administration and the provincial government, to renovate the facilities to continue teaching profession classes that will be implemented in our province in the coming months.

University President Oscar Arellano expressed his gratitude for the government’s support. The rector said, “We toured the place the governor made available for the race to be dictated. This is a great achievement for Catamarca because we know medicine is a much-needed profession and an old debt to our postgraduate house.”

“The development of the region requires institutions that are committed to working together, with agreed ideas, projects and values. The possibility of working together on common goals is very important because it benefits the community. I take this opportunity to thank the Governor, who demonstrates our great commitment to working together for the people of Catamarca,” he stated. University’s president.

Gov. Raul Galil appreciated the work they are doing with UNCa and the nation’s Department of Education to implement the course, and said, “We are working on renovating the facilities, so that the medicine course is dictated in this educational center. The idea is that we start with this space going forward, And within the agreement signed with UNCA, we will work on a loan so that the degree is dictated and fixed in this place that is part of such an important neighborhood.”

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He also noted that the tender for the work of the Technological Center in Kabian, which will be based in the Agricultural Technical School, is already underway, and that they are working on other important projects with the university. “We are negotiating to sign an agreement with the university to contribute funds from the governorate and finish the technology center they are building in Bethlehem.”

In this context, Raul celebrated the possibility of creating opportunities for the many Catamarkan men and women who did not have the possibility to study due to an accessibility problem. He concluded, “The introduction of a medical degree in Catamarca means opportunities for many Catamarcan men and women who have no opportunity to study in another province. This step we are taking is very important for young people.”

The application of Medicine in Catamarca originated in an agreement signed by the Government of Catamarca with the National University of Tucuman and UNCa in 2021.

With the approval of the UNCa Supreme Council, the project was sent to the nation’s Ministry of Education, which in turn submitted it to the National Commission for Universities Evaluation and Accreditation (CONEAU).

The course will last for 6 years and will be structured into an introductory course, core course, pre-clinical course, clinical course and mandatory final practice. It will be a degree course that will have a workload of 6,002 hours, which will be divided into different courses, both personal and permanent.

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