“Military exercise in the conscience of society”

The District’s Public Ministry of Defense issued a document requesting solidarity for epidemic care. “Society must assume active responsibilities,” said the organization’s president, Eduardo Aguirre.

The Provincial Public Ministry of Defense issued a “call to the community to confront the deteriorating” conditions of the epidemic. He summoned him through his communication channels Respect the last health measures taken. In addition to the public defender Eduardo Aguirre They reconfirmed that the sites on social networks.

The defense document urges, “Today more than ever, everyone must respect the state of care measures: respect the physical distance, do not leave the places we live in unless it is necessary, and use the cleaning strips properly.

“It is important to take that into account These are the only tools and instruments that can reverse the severity of the epidemicThe agency is considered.

He asked, “Let’s take care of ourselves seriously, and take care of our loved ones and our community. The situation is very dangerous.” It requires a militant and solidarity exercise of the conscience of society“.

Aguirre added in his personal networks that there is “evidence that we are going through a pandemic event, the severity of which adds to us legitimate anxiety because the stakes are high.”

“It gives us great pleasure that each of us becomes a champion of speech and persuasion, which is a signal urging compliance with the care imposed by the state. Physical distancing, and restricting exit from the places we live in only on occasions when this is the necessary and correct use of the chin strap,” he said.

Take it “is The community that has to assume the responsibilities active at this time They cannot admit to fainting or giving up. It is the time to feel part of true solidarity, and be inspired by a shared spirit and ethic of lasting, fraternal and supportive care. In this way, we will protect those who share our community, our loved ones, and the most vulnerable from this disastrous event of our civilization. Take care of ourselves and convince us of the need for care. That is the motto. “

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