Migrants with previous convictions will have to scan their faces 5 times a day with a smartwatch in the UK

Immigrants who have been convicted of a criminal offense they will own who – which Scan your face up to five times a day with smart watchesAccording to the plans of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Justice in the United Kingdom

People forced to wear these devices will have to undergo periodic checks throughout the day by photographing themselves with a smartwatch, and the information will include their name, date of birth, nationality and photos that will be stored for a maximum of six years.

Locations will be tracked “24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing monitoring data to be recorded.”

Images taken with smartwatches will be checked against biometric facial images from Home Office systems, and if image verification fails, a manual check will have to be performed.

The Ministry of Interior confirms that the smart watch program Will go to foreign criminals who have been convicted of a criminal offenseand not other groups, such as asylum seekers.

However, those required to wear smartwatches are expected to be subject to conditions similar to those wearing GPS anklets, with references to curfews and inclusion and exclusion zones.

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