Mighty DOOM will bring FPS brutality to mobile devices

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This week, a Bethesda teaser was released that caught my fans’ attention the death. Reason? The video shows a new project for the franchise that many have not noticed. It comes to b The great death, Title under development for mobile phones.

As per the details, the title is responsible for Alpha Dog, a study that is part of Bethesda. The amazing thing is that The great death It’s been listed for some time on stores like Google Play; However, finding the game page could not be so easy.

On the other hand, the companies did not share many details about this project, which is available in Early Access for players in some areas. Thankfully, our new free trailer lets us see its mechanics in action.

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This is how it looks The great death, Spin-offs for mobile

According to his official description, The great death It would adapt the action of the iconic franchise in the shooter to a slightly different perspective. The title promises hundreds of levels full of demons and exciting boss battles.

This adventure will feature Mini Slayer, a character who can improve her skills and acquire new equipment and legendary weapons. As you can see below, the title will have an animated visual style. Additionally, it will feature creative enemies and locations from the series.

The great death You’ll feature intuitive touch controls to attack or dodge hordes of enemies. Weapons can be exchanged during games to suit different situations and level design.

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“Run and shoot through hundreds of exciting levels and battle challenging bosses as you level up, gain powerful abilities, loot new equipment and upgrade legendary weapons,” reads her description. Below is a trailer:

According to some reports, the title is available in Early Access to players from countries such as Canada and New Zealand. Neither Bethesda nor Alpha Dog talked about the project though, so we don’t know when it will be available.

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More details on The great death. While we know more about it, you can visit this Link To read all the news about the franchise.


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