Microsoft’s Bing search engine has a bug and is sharing user data

The company confirmed that it is already working on a solution to the data leakage issue.

during reddit An error has been detected that leaks data from the browser edge toward the search engine bing to MicrosoftUsers’ information is transferred from one platform to another without their permission.

Hackermchackface was the user who encountered the problem, which consists in the fact that the browser sends all the pages visited by the user to the search engine, as a result of an error in one of the new functions that connect the two systems and that by default.

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This whole situation relies on a function called “Show suggestions for following creators in Microsoft Edge,” which allows you to follow Pages or people and manage subscriptions through the browser by sending that information to bing.

However, there is a bug in the API, the platform that allows the two apps to link, and sends all user browsing data and not just subscription information, as it should.

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The company confirmed that it is already working on a solution to the data leakage issue.

Among the data that is shared are logins and links clicked or opened from the navigation bar, regardless of whether they are shared or followed.

On Reddit, users were unable to find the source of this problem, but Rafael Rivera, a software engineer and developer of the EarTrumpet, was consulted by The Verge and explained what would cause this situation.

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It doesn’t matter if it’s a local domain, or even an IP address, the full URL of every followed site is passed to Bing from then on. The intention seems to have been to notify Bing when you’re on certain pages, such as YouTube, Pinterest, and Reddit. But It doesn’t seem to be working properly, it just sends almost all fields,” said the engineer.

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Rivera stressed that he does not believe the ruling is “intentional behavior on the part of Microsoft,” which does not mean that it is a data leak that calls into question the privacy of users who access edge.

In light of the situation, the company told The Verge that it is “aware of the reports, we are investigating them and will take appropriate action to address any issue,” though it did not explain what causes the problem and when the failure will be resolved.

Show suggestions for following creators in Microsoft Edge began testing last year and has expanded its reach in recent months, with it set as default for all users.

The company confirmed that it is already working on a solution to the data leakage issue.
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So the recommendation, even Microsoft To solve the problem, it is to disable it manually so as not to risk losing control of your browsing data and having it fall into the hands of other platforms not directly involved, even though they both belong to the same company and there will be no third parties involved.

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To do this, the process is as follows:

1. Open Microsoft Edge.

2. Go to Settings.

3. Select the Privacy, Search, and Services tab.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the Services option.

5. There is a “Show suggestions for following creators in Microsoft Edge” functionality that will appear along with a button that allows you to deactivate it.

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