Microsoft warns of a possible return of Clippy

The classic Word spell was last activated in Windows XP (Image: Archive)

Microsoft will consider re- One of his most unforgettable pets After several years without appearing.

it’s about my clip, the iconic Microsoft Word processor out of the package office 97 To assist new users and provide advice on using the software.

In short, the official Microsoft account suggested the challenge of getting 20,000 likes on a Clippy photo with a goal Change the traditional clip emoji in Microsoft 365 For a version adapted to the shape of the character.

As expected, the post exceeded the expected number of likes and the claims were instant. Microsoft, for its part, just said “Wait and find out”.

This is not the first time the company has mentioned the classic character, it was launched a few days ago pack of nostalgic wallpapers With one of these dedicated to the clip.

This should be explained Windows 365 It will be the first operating system to be hosted directly on the cloud, so it’s no surprise that Microsoft wants to celebrate it in weird ways.

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