Microsoft suspends sales of products and services in Russia

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Microsoft hung the sales for him Products and services in RussiaIn addition to other “aspects” of its business in that country, in response to the invasion of Ukraine ordered by President Vladimir Putin, from which dozens of companies disavowed.

The president of the American technology company, Brad Smith, male in entry Articles Companies of the team Microsoft It “condemns” the Russian invasion of Ukraine and coordinates with the governments of the United States, the European Union and United kingdom to comply with Sanctions imposed on Moscow.

We believe that we are as effective as possible in helping Ukraine When we take concrete steps in coordination with the decisions made by those governments, we will take further steps as this situation evolves.” Smith in the note.

Person in charge of Microsoft He emphasized that he remains focused on protecting cyber security in the country Ukraine And it is working “proactively” to push its officials to defend against Russian hackers, including the “recent cyber attack against a major Ukrainian TV channel.”

The company joins other big tech companies that have taken steps to isolate Russia, Like Google, which the newspaper told me a few hours ago The New York Times which suspended its advertising activity in the country after it had previously paralyzed its ads in content produced by state media.

Google He alleged that the Russian internet regulator was asking him to stop showing ads with what he considered to be misinformation about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which created “exceptional circumstances” in which he chose to suspend all advertising work.

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this week, manzana decided to suspend sales of its products in RussiaThe Airbnb rental platform has paralyzed all of its operations in that country and in Belarus.

A week after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the list of companies from all sectors that decided to leave Russia or stop working, and joined yesterday, goes on and on. Accenture, Michelin, Ikea, Volkswagen or Mango.


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