Micron and disturbing privacy trigger alarms

January 16 2022 – 17:49

.’s appearance variant of covid 19 OmicronAnd It was first discovered in November of last year in South Africa, and has set off health alarms around the world. Until now this strain was known to be much more contagious than the rest, but Now new verses have been revealed about her.

John Joseph Badiola, Director of the Center for Infectious Diseases at the University of Zaragoza (Spain), spoke on Spanish television about returning to classes in his country and considered that “The epidemic is escalating rapidly. And at a time when many children are focused despite the measures, it will not be easy to avoid infection.” In turn, he put Focus on one of the characteristics of this alternative.

For the world, the most worrying issue for infection scientists at the moment is that with the micron ‘Symptoms before a positive result’ was detected, Something never seen before. This means that Anyone can have symptoms, get tested, test negative and still have the infection despite not being diagnosed.

In this sense, Padula called for the coronavirus not to be compared to the flu. “We have to wait for this wave to pass because no one can guarantee that another variable will appear “No one can know if it will be more or less infectious or more or less dangerous,” he said.

It happens that after a micron a new strain can appear, just as a micron arrived after that delta. Added to this is the uncertainty as to whether or not this mutation, if it did emerge, would be more dangerous than its predecessors.

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About the immediate future, Padula believes that “The peak of infection may be near, but you need to be very careful. All the data from other countries indicate that the curve is declining rapidly.”

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