Michis and Lumitus “Lisa Dolls”: France bans the sale of pets and animals

The The sale of pets and animals is prohibited In a European country for Avoid animal abuse This was done through the commercial exploitation of animals, as determined by that nation’s parliament.

The country that banned the sale of animals is about France, which the Senate approved the measure by 332 votes to 1, with 10 abstentions, achieving a High degree of consensus Among the parliamentarians of the Gaul nation.

Minister of Agriculture , Julian Dinormandy He stated that the ban on the sale of pets is a breakthrough in the fight against pet abandonment, “It’s neither toys nor FMCG”He also confirmed in the French newspaper “Le Parisien”.

Therefore, reckless purchases will be avoided by those who seek to have a pet, however, most end up with it. The French authorities estimate that there are about 100 thousand abandonment of animals.

When does the law not allowing the sale of pets come into effect?

French lawmakers indicated that the new law limits the sale of pets Effective from January 1, 2024, so if not, the perpetrators will face legal charges.

This way, pet stores Dogs and cats will no longer be able to expose corporate windows. What’s more You also won’t be able to use animals in circuses or mink farms to take advantage of their skins.

Likewise, the law has ensured that there is a more regulated sale of pets on the Internet, and penalties will range from criminal penalties for those who Kill a pet And that He was sentenced to mistreatment You should take Awareness session.

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With information from RT in Spanish.

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