Michigan medical students walk out of party to protest anti-abortion professor

one month later Supreme court protection termination The right to an abortion in the United StatesThe social division that caused the ruling still exists in all areas of society. in Street demonstrations and the Politicians’ statements A protest gesture has been added medicine promotion who rose against speech from one of his teachers Anti-abortion.

It happened at the University of Michigan where hundreds of students live They gave up on welcoming the professionConnection “white coat party‘, as a sign of opposition to the main interference of the tournament ceremony Dr. Christine Colliera university professor who made public “pro-life” comments.

Significant impact

in the pictures Spread on social networks The students, dressed in their pure white coats, could be seen leaving the room just as Dr. Collier was about to speak. In a few hours, the video became viral phenomenon received more than 100,000 retweets and 800,000 likes.

There are many reactions to the tweet The underlying divide of opinion in the United States. Some of them praised the action: “As a retired physician, I salute and congratulate each and every one of you who followed your conscience, stood up and left. Using this platform to express your respect for medical independence is a first step in fulfilling its commitment,” advocated user Tia Will (@ medwoman1).

Among the various answers also stand out Several tweets in defense of the teacherWhich at present is limited to asking for respect towards her students after knowing that Some of them were attacked after the act.

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Yemisi Adegumo (Tweet embed), a former student of Collier, explained that although she does not share his ideological position, “Coley’s personal beliefs never came to light during the courses”: “I learned a lot from them without religious overtones. She is a great doctor and she championed a great teacher” .

A previous statement expected the sit-in

According to local media, the teamwork has been brewing for days. before the verb, More than 300 students signed an application To prevent the teacher from giving the ceremony speech. Across Public statementThe students explained their position.

“this is It’s not just a personal disagreement; Through our petition, we stand in solidarity against the groups that attempt to do so Ending human rights and restricting medical care & rdquor; , students revealed in the letter.

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In addition, they made it clear that it was time to put themselves in the face of recent events. “Medicine is political in nature To the extent that the health of current and future patients is dictated and shaped by social and political forces & rdquoor; He referred to one of the unknown repercussions of the statement.

“It is simply inconsequential for Dr. Collier to speak at a ceremony in which incoming students promise to defend the independence of patients when she herself underestimates this ethical principle, they were judged at the time.

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