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While there isn’t much history in regards to the major Formula 1 brands distancing themselves from their historical heritage, it has even happened with some cars of the Argentine “Quintuple” champion Juan Manuel Fangio. In 2015, one of the four models Ferrari 290mm Built exclusively for the Argentine champion in 1956, It was sold at an auction in New York for $28 million..

1998 F300used by German multi hero Michael Schumacher It was removed from the tracks as one of the most winners. The 187 structure in question became one of the most successful structures of all time with four victories: Canadian Grand Prix; England GP; Italian GP as well as French GP.

company RM Sotheby’s He will be responsible for conducting the auction of the pure car on August 20 in California, and they warn about it It would be a success with a sale value of $6 million that promises to put this Ferrari in the top 5 of the most expensive Formula One cars in history..

Unmistakable due to its bright red color, 1998 F300 . features 800 hp and 17500 rpm. The US auction house responsible for the sale noted that “the resulting design featured several aerodynamic changes compared to the previous F310B, including more sculpted air intake panels that began several centimeters near the front of the car.”

“Vertical-mounted front shock absorbers made a noticeable re-entry for the team, and independent torsion bar settings with thrust strut were installed at each corner of the F300, along with high-carbon composite brake discs and 13-inch alloy wheels.

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Current top 5:

1. The 1954 Mercedes W196R sold to Juan Manuel Fangio for $29.6 million.

2. Michael Schumacher’s 2001 Ferrari F 2001 sold for $7.6 million

3. Michael Schumacher’s 2002 Ferrari F2002 sold for $6.9 million

4. Lewis Hamilton 2010 McLaren MP4/25A, sold for $6.6 million

5. Ayrton Senna 1993 McLaren MP4/8A sold for $4.2 million.


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