Miami Airport will use biometric technology to make boarding a plane faster

Biometrics technology at Miami International Airport

Miami is in the process of changing. Some call itcapital city‘, referring to the huge number of Companies from the technology and financial sector that settle in the citymaking it the city of the future.

But for it to be the city of the future, technology not only has to create jobs, it must also be used for it Everyday life. This is why projects like creating a file Underground transportation Developed by the company Elon Musk Under discussion daily in Miami.

Within all of these changes, the city’s latest new technology has arrived at the airport. Miami International Airport (MIA) will install biometric cameras at more than 130 boarding gates to automatically identify passengers, thus shortening boarding times.

Biometrics technology at Miami airport

“With this innovative solution, we are trying to elevate the experience of our passengers. MIA is now the busiest airport in the country for international travelers and we continue to see these numbers grow daily. The ability to carry out our shipments using biometric technology is a huge step forward for the growth we anticipate in the coming years.‘, shown Ralph KittyCEO of Miami International Airport.

This is the largest investment in biometric technology at an airport in the entire United States.. This type of technology has already been used for international travelers arriving with systems like Global Entry (people who have previously been screened voluntarily and have a five-year permit to enter the United States quickly). But the plan is now much bigger than that. By 2023, the technology will be available to all airport gates for passengers traveling on international flights.

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With Biometrics platform technology from NEC, the person approaches the camera, which within seconds analyzes the characteristics of the face, compares it with the information in its huge database, identifies him and, if all is well, lets him board the plane without anything. More delay.

A similar beta program was installed in 2019, which significantly reduced boarding time. But the technology is now better and the program can be implemented on a large scale.. One of the main problems faced by MIA Airport is that due to the huge number of passengers, at peak travel times –How do Christmas or holidays Summer-, there Long lines In order to pass immigration controls.

“The launch of biometric boarding is the new way Miami-Dade County is using technology to improve customer service and streamline operations. I am very proud to see how our airport is leading the nation with this kind of cutting edge technology. that would make the passenger boarding system more efficient,” the Miami-Dade County Sheriff confirmed, Daniela Levine Cava.

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