Mexico’s economy: will not be affected by the economic slowdown in the United States

America passes b economic slowdown, According to Alberto González-Bandela, Interim Section Head of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), It will not affect Mexican exports It will not cause these to collapse.

Presenting the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Economic Outlook for 2022, Pandela announced that they estimate Close 2022 for Mexico with a growth of 2.5%, Much more and better than expected in previous months; In 2023, it will decrease to 1.6%, to grow again in 2024 to reach 2.1%.

As far as the United States is concerned, the agency representative estimated lower growth for 2023 only 0.5%However, a slow and gradual recovery is expected in 2024 1%. But this situation It will not represent any inconvenience to Mexican exports.

“We don’t see a decline or a collapse in Mexico’s exports because of the slowdown in the US, we see A double Without a doubt, but we believe in the electronics and automotive sectors.

It is clear that there is a process in which Mexico is attracting the economic activity of its countries to take advantage of its proximity to the United States.

The distinguishing element is that Mexico belongs to the economies the most open in the world and in Latin America; This explains why inflation is so high, so we think we’re about to see the moment it starts Reduce energy and food inflation.

He said that the policy imposed to reduce fuel prices “helps”, although he considered that it should be focused in the future, Reduce the financial cost of the procedure to send these resources to other areas such as education or health.

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On the other hand, he commented that the possible approval of the electoral reform will not have any impact on economic growth. Mexico belongs to the OECD along with 37 countries Among them are the United States, Canada, South Korea, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Norway, among others.



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