Mexico, with the second lowest unemployment rate of the OECD Grupo Milenio countries

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) about it in the first quarter of 2023 Mexico has the second lowest unemployment rate Among the member states, after only the Czech Republic and at the same level as South Korea.

At the end of March The unemployment rate was 2.7 percent Among the economically active population (EAP), that equates to 1,646,000 people who do not have a job or are looking for a job.

The mentioned number representsSame rate as South Koreawhich also has an unemployment rate of 2.7 percent, with 782,000 unemployed, one-tenth more than the Czech Republic, which has 138,000 unemployed.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development indicated in a report that the first quarter of this year The level of unemployment in the group remained stablemarking its third month at its lowest level ever since 2001.

This brings the number of unemployed people in the bloc to 33.75 million, a level close to the minimum in July 2022.

In March, rate Youth unemployment decreased in the OECD (workers ages 15-24) To 10.5 percent, the lowest value since 2005, it reached already in July 2022.

The largest decrease in the unemployment rate among younger workers was observed in Austria, Denmark, Greece, Latvia and Sweden.

The country’s unemployment rate is also lower than that of its trading partners, the United States and Canada, with which it shares the USMCA, since the former is 3.5 percent of the EAP, and the latter is 3.5 percent of the EAP. 5 pct.

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