Mexico will remember Tokyo 2020 in its seven fourth places

Mexico will remember the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, as the event in which it reached seven fourth places and four bronze medals. The result is nothing close to 10 minerals, regardless of color, which was predicted by the National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports (Kunade), with the voice of its owner Ana Gabriela Guevara.

The seven fourth places of Mexican athletes, closest to the bronze medal, were already in merit, the position that always leaves half the satisfaction of athletes, sports leaders and fans. However, this number was a record in the history of Mexican Olympic sports.

It was enough to see the faces of Alexa Moreno, Jorge Orozco, Gabi Agündez, Yahil Castillo, Juan Celaya, Carolina Mendoza, Dolores Hernandez, Diego Baleza, Kevin Berlin and the softball team at the end of their commitments, having been so close to the always-coveted Olympic medal that makes the athlete push his limits.

Mexico participated in the Tokyo Olympic Fair with a sports delegation of 163 athletes, the largest in 50 years, mainly for sports such as football, baseball and softball. Of the three, only football won a bronze medal. Baseball was a complete disappointment and softball finished fourth.


Special mention deserves the bronze medals of Alejandra Valencia and Luis Alvarez in the mixed shooting team. He made his debut in an Olympic fencing. Aremi Fuentes in powerlifting at 76 kilograms, Alejandra Orozco and Gabriela Agündez in the 10m synchronized platform.

The men’s soccer team also took an Olympic bronze, although the credit goes to 100% of the NFL.

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Fourth sites

Alexa Moreno (gymnastics)

After the 2016 Rio Olympics in which Alexa Moreno was heavily criticized for her physique, the Californian worked out twice and was promised a medal in Tokyo in horse jumping, after the world bronze in 2018.

Moreno did well in her routine, but the judges left her 17 hundredths behind for the bronze medal, behind Rebecca Andrade, Michaela Skinner and Seogyong Yu.

And Alexa was subjected to injuries, operation and constant pressure not to fail, so she was satisfied with the fourth place and the first Mexican to reach the fourth Olympic position in horse jumping.

Jorge Orozco (sports shooting)

Jorge Orozco couldn’t believe he lost the medal in the Olympic pit

A private picture

Mexican shooter Jorge Orozco made a perfect first round, on the Olympic hole, he was even on pole position. He managed 15 consecutive shots on goal, but his losing streak in the pre-medal round prevented him from making the podium. He got nervous and felt the Olympic pressure! Orozco missed his last three shots, taking 28 out of 35 available, so he was off the podium!

The 21-year-old from Guadalajara stuck a fork in his first Olympic event. His gaze already points to Paris 2024.

Dolores Hernandez-Carolina Mendoza (nailed)

In the synchronized 3-meter podium, duo Carolina Mendoza-Dolores Hernandez finished nearly nine points behind the German duo. The 275.10 points earned by the Mexican representatives weren’t enough to slip onto the podium, but it was enough to make it clear that Mexican diving is still part of the global elite.

Diego Baleza and Kevin Burlin (nailed)

Another Mexican couple to win the Olympic bronze are Kevin Berlin and Diego Baleza in the 10m syncronized platform. The final was full of emotion due to the surprise victory of the British pair over the always-favorite representatives of China, Mexico finished fourth with 407.32 points, well away from the 439.92 who took the Olympic Committee bronze. Palisa and Berlin promised to find another opportunity.

Yahel Castillo Juan Celaya (nailed)

It was an 81-point gap that separated Yahel Castillo and Juan Celaya from the German duo, in the final round of their synchronized dive on a 3-meter podium. With a rating of 85.5, Patrick Houseding and Lars Rüdiger finished third in the competition and dislodged the Mexicans.

Gabriella Agndez (nailed)

Gabe Agundez comes close to winning two diving medals

Gabe Agundez comes close to winning two diving medals

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Gabriela Agundez had already won a bronze medal as a pair with Alejandra Orozco and was excited to add another one to her singles podium harvest, but this time it was 13 units left in the bronze metal after adding 358.50 points. Australia’s Melissa Wu took the bronze, and Agündez regretted losing focus at certain times.

mexican soccer team

The Mexican softball team lost the bronze to Canada

The Mexican softball team lost the bronze to Canada

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The Mexican softball team fought hard for the bronze medal, but unfortunately they were unable to beat the medal-winning Canada, in returning to discipline in the Olympics.

The final score was 3-2 in favor of the Canadians after six and a half games to reach the podium. Mexico stayed fourth in its attempt to make history for our country in Tokyo 2020.

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