Mexico sees global companies as allies

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Mexico sees global companies as alliesSince many of them are in the country much older than some Mexican companies, said the Minister for External Relations, Marcelo Ebrard.

“We consider them allies, as companies that decided to be in Mexico, therefore We should be close to their concerns and suggestions and think about how we can grow together (…) We believe that of course the global companies that you represent are allies of Mexico, otherwise we would not be in this dialogue and we will continue to do so,” he told the Executive Council of Global Companies (CEEG).

Some of the companies that are part of CEEG include aircraft manufacturer Airbus, financial institutions HSBC and American Express, telephone company AT&T, pharmaceutical company Bayer, oil companies Chevron and ExxonMobil, food manufacturers Danone, PepsiCo and Nestlé, as well as tech giants. Microsoft and IBM.

In this sense, the Minister noted that the North American vision has been embraced with the United States and Canada, as raised by Mexico at the High Level Economic Dialogue (DEAN) and at the North American Leaders Summit.

“With the pandemic, seeing North America has become a categorical imperative,” yet They will “review strategic value chains, how we will do it to reduce their vulnerability; Review the infrastructure obstacles that we have, which are many, and do something to reduce them,” the foreign minister stressed.

He explained that in the case of the United States, a package was approved to implement these measures. We have resources from the fund managed by customs, so we will apply them. The president has already said that he has agreed, among other things, to completely modernize the port’s infrastructure and the northern border”, i.e. “activating a complete institutional framework on security issues”.

Finally, Chancellor Ebrard reports that for the first time a joint annual work plan will be presented for 2022. “The goal is for the chiefs to agree on what will be done rather than in the mists of a general idea, what everyone is going to do and how to measure it (… Having an annual plan puts you in another dynamic because you have to work with your ally to achieve those goals.”

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