Mexico proposes to the United States a new relationship with the Americas

Secretary of State (SRE), Marcelo EbrardHe proposed to the United States a new agreement and the start of a new phase in the relationship between the countries of the continent.

In his participation in the plenary session of the Ninth Summit of the Americas, the Minister of Foreign Affairs insisted on exhausting the structure, foundations and function of the Organization of American States (OAS) and delegated the Argentine President, Alberto FernandezIn his call for the immediate renewal of the leadership of this mechanism and to make way for another stage in the way the organization of the American states.

Ebrard He said that if this matter is not resolved and countries are not excluded from these meetings, as happened on the occasion with Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, then several countries will not attend the upcoming summit.

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“I was able to hear that 20 of the 32 countries that have appeared in this high American pulpit have expressed their disagreement with the exclusion of the countries of the Americas that are not here among us, 20.

And the Minister of Foreign Affairs indicated that “ten of them did not speak and abstained from voting, and two crossed or said that they supported exclusion.”

He stressed that no one has the right to exclude another country for any reason, the least of which is because there is a political difference in its political system.

Understandably, he commented, it is not easy for the United States to make some of these decisions, “but we clearly have to do it.”

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“How can most of those at the summit express their disapproval and then nothing happens? Well, something has to happen,” said the Mexican official.

The suggestion, as I continue, is that this be resolved for the next summit, because in addition to the fact that many countries will no longer attend, “It will be difficult for us to meet the expectations of our peoples; it is very difficult when you have differences at that level.”

He warned that if these differences are not resolved, the same matter will likely continue to be discussed at the next summit.

Ebrard The President of the United States admitted, Joe Bidenhis interest in hearing from all the representatives of the countries that met in Los Angeles and that his team had come up with a joint declaration on complex issues such as immigration.

“Of course that’s a great advantage we all are aware of: the Americas matter to you, if not, we probably wouldn’t be here. We’re celebrating that that’s the case,” he said. Ebrard.

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He noted that all participating countries have expressed interest in establishing a close and respectful relationship with the other nations that make up the Americas, and above all, of course, with the United States.

“It seems to me that the elements have been made available so that we can move forward, so that we can take the subsequent steps that will lead us to this new union.

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“It is no longer the OAS, no longer electoral interference, no longer missions that want to certify us, because we do not realize that no one is witnessing to us, we are independent, sovereign and proud countries,” he said.


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