Mexico plans to organize an Olympics without borrowing

Mexico, October 26 (EFE). Mexico intends to organize the Summer Olympics in 2036 or 2040 without borrowing, as it will use the infrastructure it has and will give the country’s government only 10% of the financing.

“We want to take into account the changes that have occurred in the Olympic Games, including funding. Now 30 percent comes from ticket sales, another 30 percent from sponsors, 10 percent from the host government, and the remaining 30 percent is determined by the international “The International Olympic Committee,” Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said on Wednesday.

The head of the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs renewed his country’s candidacy to organize the Olympics, and contradicted the former Olympic medalist in athletics, Anna Guevara, director of the National Committee for Physical Culture and Sports, who confirmed last month that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the Mexican president, rejected the idea of ​​holding the exhibition.

“The president has been informed and the commitment of this secretariat is to support the initiatives of the Mexican Olympic Committee (COM). Now it will not cost us. We have everything to do that, and the government of Mexico has a lot of initiatives to do with this,” the candidate added. To be president of Mexico after Lopez Obrador’s six-year term ends in 2024.

To continue the proceedings before the International Olympic Committee, which, according to Ebrard, showed interest in Mexico’s organization of a second Olympic Games in a letter, a promotion committee should be formed that will be presented on November 30.

“The Mexican Promotion Committee will be composed of businessmen, members of culture and sports, and everyone who will participate in the promotion and then the implementation of what it means to organize the Olympic Games,” he commented.

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The secretary of state said the appointed promoters will determine the host city and other areas in Mexico that will host some of the competitions.

“Cities should not adapt to the Olympics, nor should large facilities be built that are not used later. They should be in the opposite direction, and the Olympics should be modified to fit cities, complement them and be useful to them,” said the Mexican politician.

Mexico has held the Summer Olympics once in its history, when it hosted the 1968 edition in Mexico City.

Much of the infrastructure from that year still stands and is used in various sports such as the Olympic stadium where Pumas UNAM plays Mexican football.

The North American country will host the FIFA World Cup in 2026 along with Canada and the United States.

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