Mexico heads to panel to debate energy policy with US and Canada

Reach the end of the argument board with United States and Canada He warned that because of its energy policy, Mexico will send a signal at the international level that it is ready to commit violations in strategic areas. Ildefonso Guajardo, who was the main person in charge of negotiating with T-MEC.

stressed in an interview with Mexico Herald.

He ruled out exiting the T-MEC, but not from reaching the debate board, which would have immediate effect if he did not defend the integrity of the treaty in all its aspects.

According to Guajardo, who was the economy minister, the president understands the importance of trade integration and that if he lets things go, we will lose the debate board.

But he also said that it is difficult for the Ministry of Economy to give the elements to propose amendments in Electric Law, pOr whatever will come to the plate.

And for the Morena senators who talk about leaving T-MEC, for them there’s only one mandate and that’s what the president wants to do, so the chambers’ decision is made by the CEO, he said in the paper. The economic and political importance of USMCA, Organized by UDLA and Jenkins Graduate School.

“I doubt if the president will have a declaration on the 16th of next September regarding exiting the trade agreement, it will not be necessary for him to make such a decision because the cost of the year will be borne in the 2024 elections,” he added. He said.

For Guajardo, manufactures will be saved from imposing tariffs because we are a participating producer, but they will be applied to fresh produce, fruits and vegetables.

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Other than the sectors that will be affected, he said, there are Rounding This opens an opportunity and this is derived from the pandemic, given the increase in container costs, but there is now an element added to this context which is friendly support.

What this concept means is that when you are integrated into a region like North America, you have a strategic alliance, but geopolitical moments are also part of it.


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