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The Mexican and Canadian governments have officially opened a file High Level Economic Dialogue (DEAN)which Canadians will use to discuss differences on issues such as energy and labor rights.

“It is great that we are working together, whether it is to overcome challenges related to work, energy and regulatory issues, we are convinced that we must expand the relationship so that all women can participate, we have an investment climate, stable regulatory systems, we hope an open discussion,” the Commerce Secretary said. International Export Promotion, Small Business and Economic Development in That Country, Mary N.

Currently Canada Join the complaint United State against Mexico’s energy policies, which they say are affecting their investments; This table opens the opportunity to deepen the dialogue that encourages further investment.

“I think it will be the first of many meetings of this kind that should be expanded to strengthen the business relationship that represented $34 billion (Canadian) last year, which would benefit businesses and workers,” he explained.

The dean Its main objective is to promote investment and trade between the two countries. Economy Minister Tatiana Clotheer said the talks wanted to enhance the business climate and competitive advantages of the two countries for equitable growth. USMCA“.

car fight

After the hearing started by the team Mexico s Canada against United State On the interpretation and application of rules of origin in the automotive sector in USMCA On August 2 and 3, the Ministry of Economy confirmed that it had presented its best defense to achieve good results at the end of the year.

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In an interview with MillenniumCEO of Legal advice for international trade who are they, Orlando Perez Jarratnoted that the hearing before the Chapter 31 Committee of USMCA It is the stage of the procedure where the parties (states) orally present the arguments presented in writing to resolve the specific doubts or questions.

He explained that this week they will get some written questions that were not asked in the two days of the committee, which must also be answered in writing; If the painting is preferred Mexico s Canada Their governments will be allowed to sit with it United State Find out how to change the source requirements.

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