Mexican YouTuber Fedelobo will appear in the game Mictlán, revealing a 3D model of his character

The game is expected to be developed by Meta Studios sometime in 2024.

Earlier this year we talked about Mictelan: An Ancient Legendary Tale, a game that aims to address the myths of the peoples of Mesoamerica to present a fantasy story employment Sixteenth century Mexico. Although so far Kickstarter campaign not launched Expected since the beginning of 2021, there has been a very exciting flow of information about the project through Official social networks from the game.

Throughout the months Meta Studios Creative Agency Share—the Mexican team with offices in Tokyo—about their game and more visual physical For project progress, including concept arts and plentiful character models. announced Collaboration with VIPs Like an Oscar winner, Carlos Cortes (The Sound of Metal, 2020), who will have a stake in the project.

Meta Studios has also transformed into Leading figures in the local gaming community, is the case of a Mexican YouTuber Federico Diaz Acuña, known as Fidelobo, who recently shared what his character would look like in the game.

According to the post on social networks, a YouTuber will play a role Fisher man Dedicated to the breeding of Calopah, a fictional breed of Mesoamerican dynasty.

This isn’t the only way the Mictlán developers have integrated their community into the project. Last July, the commemoration of A Coexistence with the game manager in Xochimilco, Mexico City, and has now been announced to be organized A trip to the Mayan region in southeastern Mexico The jungle of Guatemala. there was even Competition for amateurs “Become Pozzol” As part of the technical tests conducted by the study.

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According to their Steam page, Mictlan: An Mythical Tale will follow a story I, a young Mayan travels the jungles and valleys of pre-Hispanic Mexico through the underworld. Previously it was also mentioned that the game will be open world With a map of about 30 square kilometers that will cover many biomes and will incorporate many Central American cities. Although there is no official release date, the Steam page indicates that it will be ready in Sometime in 2024.

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