Mexican delivery woman brags about her salary in Canada: She got her two weeks in two days

a lot Mexicans Decide He immigrated to others countries looking for Better job opportunities Or just to make their dreams come true, but sometimes their loved ones do not understand their decision and the young woman who went to live with them Canada To work as a delivery person, she decided to respond through her TikTok account to the people who criticized her for it employment.

Through her TikTok account, user Road Bels (@roadbels) indicated that she does not mind being mocked because she is now a delivery worker and although she did not reveal the exact amount she earns for her employmentconfirming that it will work within two days as Uber eats the delivery driver Get the same salary as many Mexicans They get two weeks.

“Everyone makes fun of me because I act like dealer in Canada... But he won two weeks in two days, I get experience abroad and learn from other cultures,” he said in his TikTok video.

A Mexican woman brags about her salary in Canada (TikTok)

In another of her videos, the young woman revealed that in Mexico He studied BSc in Chemistry and MSc in Microbial Biotechnology, while working in Canada Uber delivery girlHowever, he is doing better than in his own country and is allowed to continue his studies.

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A Mexican woman brags about her salary in Canada (TikTok)

His videos have gone viral Tik Tok And it caused different reactions, some users told her that although she would earn more, she did not have the same purchasing power, while others sympathized with her and also shared that they were ridiculed for job that manufacture.

“But not enough to obtain purchasing power in Canada.” “All decent work, I do not understand jokes.” “But as you earn, so you spend, i.e. in a balanced manner the same.” “I’m a house painter there and they criticize me but that’s how people are.” They told him: “Any decent job, don’t pay attention to comments that make your job less.”

Bills Road He already has over 50,000 followers on his TikTok account and on his profile he is dedicated to sharing moments from his life. life in canada, But it also provides advice for Latinos who are planning to go to work or study in that country and don’t know where to start or what they need.

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