Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition already has a history on PC and the evolution of ray tracing is shown in the video

Additionally, the various specifications are also detailed. It will be free if you already have the main game.

In February, to coincide with its second anniversary, 4A Games announced Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, a An improved post-apocalyptic shooter, With technical improvements for computers, including use of ray tracing technology and DLSS 2.0 support. On their day, they announced their spring premiere. Now, we already have an official date: It will be available from May 6.

This release will come with improvements to the PS5 and Xbox Series, with the nuances, a little laterThe game will be available at Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG y la Microsoft Store. Users who already have the base game will receive this new version for absolutely free. Despite taking advantage of technical improvements, they must have an appropriate team. On the official website you can see Various technical requirements for the game, With many configurations. RT Extreme requires a NVIDIA RTX 3090 To give you an idea. But there are also more modest options to glimpse the improvements at the visual level.

4A Games already warned in its day that this enhanced version will be such a massive update that it will require, at the very least, a graphics card. Compliant with ray tracing as a minimum configurationThat’s why they called it “not a simple patch for the original game.” the middle Digital foundry He has exclusively posted a video in which we leave you at the top, showing us his performance and rating it as “The First AAA with Ray-Tracing”.

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An upgraded version of Metro Exodus is also coming New generation, Although we will have to wait a little longer to enjoy it. Scheduled to be the end of the year and promise 4K y 60 fps, Although it will not have the benefits of the enhanced ray-tracing effects it does at higher computer ranges. There will also be benefits and improvements in load times or in DualSense compatibility in the case of the PS5.

Until May and PC users can enjoy the changes, don’t miss a visit Metro Exit Review.

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