Mercosur – Canada: Negotiations are back today and aim to sign in 2022

In what represents a significant advance by country type, Mercosur brought back today is Negotiations with Canada with a goal Signing a free trade agreement During 2022 or 2023.

Diplomatic sources indicated today that BAE Business what or what”Review conducted via videoconferencing (there were no contacts for about a year), and he remained to speak again in September, Agreeing on a roadmap; In November or December, there may be a face-to-face meeting, perhaps in Brasilia.”

With Canada, a review of the situation was conducted. Overall, there were reports of “good exchanges” but Canadians and some Mercosur countries were willing to talk about “real progress being made”, which did not happen. Despite the fact that Uruguay in particular and a bit of Brazil wanted to put momentum into the negotiations and talk about an “exchange of offers,” Canadians themselves have already made progress in that since they are facing a national election, they are not in a position to continue negotiations with the norm.” , expanded.

In Argentina’s commercial attractiveness matrix, Canada stands out for its high level The sources added that the income, the growth of its imports, the integration of our exportable supply and the lowering of the risks of its exports.

liquor and meat

We have opportunities to improve access to meat Livestock, wine, fruit and food in general”, they elaborated in the South American bloc on this medium. In this line, they indicated that they are “a modern service-based economy, where we have export opportunities”.

The agreement will also contain a chapter on investment and other chapters on inclusive trade (environment, gender, labor rights). Before declaring the quarantine last year, the Prime Minister of Canada said, Justin Trudeau, called the chief Alberto Fernandez To the summit in Ottawa. Diplomatic sources in the bloc indicated that the negotiations are being coordinated by Brazil and that some chapters have already been agreed upon.

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Of all the open negotiations, Argentina has great sympathy for the positive trajectory that an agreement with Canada, one of the world’s richest countries, might have. No less data on Brazil’s interest in accelerating these negotiations, although their end is expected only between 2022 and 2023. In the case of Uruguay and Paraguay, it also accompanies the process within the framework of tension within the bloc due to issues such as the common external tariff and the opening of agreements.

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