Melia praises Cavallo: ‘He was the best economy minister in history’

Candidate for National Deputy for “La Libertad Avanza”, Javier Meili, defend the management Domingo Cavallo At the head of the Ministry of Economy in the government of former President Carlos Menem, after considering it “The best ever“.

In radio data for The Eleven Ten / Radio CityMiley confirmed that she hasFrequent conversations“With the former Minimista and Alliance official as well as another former president of the Palacio de Hacienda, Rocky Fernandez. “Cavallo made the convertible and Argentina had an increase in production like never before in history. I’m talking with Cavallo. We discussed the economy, we talked about the economy. It is an honor to speak with Cavallo‘, he rose.

A candidate for the deputy defended the operation Privatization of public companies in the 1990s “Everyone is clinging to Monem but forgetting the progressive experience of the alliance, where they were (Fernando) de la Rua, (Carlos) Chacho Alvarez, (Raul) Alfonsín and all the left wing of the radical,” he noted.

Former Economy Minister Domingo Cavallo.

Regarding the possibility of forming political alliances, the candidate for La Libertad Avanza indicated that he was open to “working with liberals, liberals, conservatives, right-wingers, minis and with the party”. Hawks from Together for Change“And he even admitted that”Willing to build relationships with non-collective Peronism.”

Miley confirmed that Can’t have anything with pigeons because they are social democrats, I can’t get anything with UCR because they are SI, I can’t get anything with Civil Alliance because they are more socialist than the radicals And I can’t have anything with him In front of everyone because they are from the left“.

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Cavallo praised Javier Mili and stated: “Nestor Kirchner was very biased towards liberal ideas.”

On the other hand, Mili has distinguished herself from those who consider that Argentina’s problems begin with the arrival of Juan Domingo Peron To the presidency: “The problems of Argentine regression began in the middle of the last century Ten years ago, when Argentina began to adopt socialist ideas. For me the problems did not start at 45-46. Argentina begins to separate its growth from that of the United States when it begins to embrace socialist ideas.

Similarly, he also indicated not to share Marcos Peña in campaign Maria Eugenia Vidal, who chairs the “Together for Change” poll in the independent city of Buenos Aires: “They are again Socialist Marcos Peña advised her. All this line will be from great socialism. Then there is the violent socialism of the Kirchners. On the other hand, we are the ones who put freedom above everything.”


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