Meet Cartesiano, Mexico’s first all-inclusive urban spa

One of the undeniable consequences of the epidemic has been a reassessment of physical and mental health. Long working hours, insomnia problems and a sedentary lifestyle, unbalanced diet and strong reliance on technology and social networking have wreaked havoc on our health in recent years. For many, the emergence of Covid-19 on the scene was an opportunity to pause and re-prioritize; It was also an invitation to rediscover ourselves.

Although it had already been in operation for several years, Hotel Cartesiano, located in the historic center of Puebla, was one of the institutions that rethought its goals and mission in light of the events of recent months. Thus, as of January 2021, it became the first all-inclusive urban health center in Mexico. Through its comprehensive programs, Cartesiano today offers experiences on the scale of the world’s best health retreats and its protocols are a sample of them. After completing an online survey and pre-consulting with the resort’s health experts prior to their stay, guests can choose the program that best suits their needs – sleep health, regenerative health, general wellness, and life transformation. – In addition to the period of stay, which can be 4, 7, 14 or 21 days. All designed around five pillars – rhythm, vibration, mindful nutrition, regeneration and movement – and in the all-inclusive approach, they include facial and body treatments, a meal plan and all-day activities – such as yoga and breathing classes, meditations accompanied by sound therapy – and of course free time to enjoy the facilities and surroundings of the property. Together with the hotel team, guests can create a daily activity program tailored to their goals and needs.

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© Provided by Life and Style

© Provided by Life and Style

The immersive experience begins with a welcome ritual and orientation session by the medical staff, during which each part of the program is reviewed and details refined, after any doubts are cleared. Once these steps are completed, guests just need to be ready to relax, unwind, and spend time taking care of their health. Particularly worth mentioning is the most advanced technological equipment used in some treatments. From the German brand Gharieni, they have such devices as Welnamis, which through binaural waves and vibration therapy lead to states of deep relaxation; iDome, which aids in detoxification processes through infrared light and heat; celes, for reducing and tightening treatments; and Psammo Concept for hot sand treatments. Not to mention the massages, body and facial treatments performed by professional therapists with products from brands like Naturopathica. When it comes to food, the menu was created by Chef Esmeralda Prim and is primarily based on the use of local and organic ingredients. Although the goals of each guest may be different, everyone can be sure that among all the options you will find options to suit your tastes and needs. From drinks like instant smoothies, smoothies, functional drinks, marinades and atoles, to other original dishes like Maizotto — a type of risotto made with peanut corn and mushrooms — and protein-based recipes like chicken, meat, fish, and even traditional mole, the choices are varied. Very and complete. This is how the hotel’s 60 rooms, gardens, and facilities such as a sound therapy room, spa, and library became spaces where visitors could obtain tools – breathing techniques, new eating habits, and sleeping routines – that, once your programs are over, will help you create habits. New helps you maintain balance in your daily life.

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