Medicine from UBA | “We returned to hospital practices without protocols or vaccinations.”

After a year without practical classes, College of Medical Sciences students recover part of them before the start of the 2021 academic calendar.

This procedure does not cover all practical subjects, and it has not been accepted by all UDH units. Some students attend classes in hospitals, but while businessmen, officials and friends of the government have received VIP vaccinations, we have not been informed of any serious protocol or vaccination plan, when we are in places circulating for the virus such as hospitals, Note also that not all health workers and teachers have received the vaccine.

UDH, which decided not to give practical lessons, did not offer an alternative solution in order to advance the profession. An example of this is the topic of infection science where finals are not taken until there are practical classes, which leaves many students in a state of uncertainty who in this case see their careers getting longer and longer, without a perspective of when they will be able to advance and join the work in Hospitals, which is an urgent matter for the large number of students who maintain their studies in risky jobs, and see the need to receive them as soon as possible.

The health system we will join is severely underfunded, with the presence of A. 10% reduction in the national budgetWe have residents who haven’t been paid for months. Together with other health workers, they were fighting a huge battle for their rights, demanding vaccination when privileged friends of power receive this resource that should be a basic right. We know where the university authorities are going, as we have seen in the fact that Salomon Schachter, the former dean of our faculty, was one of those who received the VIP vaccination.

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We spoke with Vanessa, an obstetrics graduate student and En Clave Roja activist at Medical School. He expressed the practices that will begin this year: “I want to arm myself with tools as a health worker of the future, especially at a time when we need all the resources needed to fight the pandemic. But I am concerned under what circumstances lessons will be given face to face. UBA authorities are exposing students’ health, and they study in conditions far from ideal. ” We do not even know the protocols that will be in place to take care of our health and that of our families. Moreover, decisions have always been taken from the top, and those who are part of public education have not been consulted every day. ”

Pointing to the student center, he added: “What role will the CECiM play?” Led by Nuevo Espacio, they didn’t say anything about health workers during the months that the pandemic was going on. It is our future colleagues who have fought a huge battle for their working conditions, which is also our future condition. They do not encourage the center to provide a space for discussion and organization so that we can discuss how to organize ourselves so that we can decide in the circumstances we want to attend. You can see that they do not only stand by the university authorities, but rather Besides the government, too. We must be able to organize ourselves in hygiene and safety committees where students along with our teachers and health workers can discuss and determine how to return to our practices, what protocol is necessary for this and what is the best way to distribute the information. Serum“.

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Student centers run by the left, such as pharmacy and biochemistry by Partido Obrero, should take the lead in calling for democratic spaces to organize with health workers and our educators, to discuss the protocols we need and make sure they are well met.

In this way we will be in a better position to also fight for the health and education budget we need and a rational vaccination plan according to the needs of the population that includes patent liberalization, regardless of the struggle for urgent measures such as the centralization of the health system as we suggest from PTS Youth.

That is why, from En Clave Roja, we invite all students, left-wing currents and student centers to promote an organization that includes workers to think about how our education should be.

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